Board of Directors

Meet the Salmon Arm Folk Music
Society Board of Directors

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Kimm Magill-Hofmann

Director/Board Chair/Lead Human Resources/Member Strategic Planning

About Kimm

Kimm is a retired public servant and has volunteered with the SAFMS for over 25 years and joined the Board in 2016. Kimm looks forward to another good year working with a great group of people to bring live music to the community.
Alan Bates 150x150

Alan Bates

Director/Vice Chair/Lead Audience Education/Member Infrastructure, Human Resources & Environment

About Alan

Alan has been a member and big fan of the Festival since moving to the Shuswap in 1995. He is an amateur musician with a deep interest in live music, from around the globe.
Brenda 150x150

Brenda M'Clellan

Director/Treasurer/Lead Finance/Member Audience Education & Scholarship

About Brenda

Brenda has volunteered on the SAFMS Board since 2015 and is the current Chair of the finance committee (treasurer) as well as a member of the audience education and scholarship committees. Brenda's other interests include curling, golfing and traveling.
Elaine Holmes 150x150

Elaine Holmes

Director/Secretary/Lead Volunteer

About Elaine

Elaine is is a full-time teacher and a part-time musician. Passionate about creating a culture to give patrons, musicians or volunteers, an experience that is uplifting and memorable.
Steve Atkins 150x150

Steve Atkins

Director/Lead Scholarship & Strategic Planning/Member, Human Resources

About Steve

Steve was first elected to the Board of the SAFMS in 2015. He is a former teacher and school administrator with a life long passion for live music and the arts in general.
Doug Hearn 150x150

Doug Hearn

Director/Lead Environment Committee/ Member Strategic Planning, Infrastructure & Volunteer

About Doug

For 24 years Doug has participated in the growth and development of the Festival as a Volunteer and Board Member. His focus is to foster a sustainable future by strengthening the Volunteer Experience, Artistic Values and Environmental impact.
Joyce Keronas 150x150

Joyce Kenoras

Director/Member Governance and Merchandise

About Joyce

Joyce, a member of the Secwepemc Nation, with ties to the Sylix Nation, has volunteered in the community for years. Dedicated to promoting diversity in music and culture; and brings a sense of traditional grounding and outreach to the Festival.
Bernd Hermanski 150x150

Bernd Hermanski

Director/Lead Sponsorship/ Member Infrastructure

About Bernd

Bernd has spent many years as a volunteer director on local boards, including 30 years with the Salmar Community Association. He is now in his 21st year as a director with the Salmon Arm Folk Music Society.
Rob Marshall 150x150

Rob Marshall

Director/Lead Merchandise/Member Governance and Sponsorship

About Rob

Rob is Executive Director at Community Futures Shuswap. He has been a supporter of the Salmon Arm Folk Music Society for several years and joined the Board of Directors in 2017. He contributes to the Governance and Sponsorship Committees.
Ian McDiarmid 150x150

Ian McDiarmid

Director/Lead Infrastructure/Member Environment and Human Resources

About Ian

Ian has served on the board 17 years. He continues building the festival expanding multicultural experiences throughout the region and building relationships with community partners.
Brook Roberts 150x150

Brook Roberts

Director/Member Finance

About Brook

Brook looks forward to continue his commitment to work closely with the Board of Directors and staff to improve and strengthen community relationships, to develop and support future endeavours of the Society.
Valerie Ellis Peet 150x150

Valorie Ellis Peet

Director/Lead Governance/Member Volunteer and Audience Education

About Val

Valorie enjoys the experience of community and passion for culture for people and artistic expression. Val's aim is to build teams for a safe, friendly successful event.

Salmon Arm Folk Music Society Information

We respectfully acknowledge and recognize that the work of the Salmon Arm Folk Music Society takes place on the unceded traditional territory of the Secwepemc Peoples.


We present excellent world-class, culturally diverse music and artistic experiences to enrich and build community.


Celebrating Together!


To expose, entertain and enrich our community by delivering an excellent presentation of culturally diverse music and related artistic experiences, engaging a multi-generational audience.

The Salmon Arm Folk Music Society (SAFMS) is a non-profit charitable organization that presents the Annual ROOTSandBLUES festival scheduled every 3rd week in August, a concert series, and participation in many local community outreach activities.
Taking place in the beautiful Shuswap Lake in the unceded traditional territory of the Secwepemc peoples in the Interior of BC, the festival has been a cultural presence in the community for over three decades. The SAFMS’s mission is to present excellent world class, culturally diverse music and artistic experiences to enrich and build community.

In November, 2022, the Directors will meet staff to conduct a strategic planning session with the goal to improve the Festival.

Currently there are twelve Board Level Committees: Each Board Committee is led by a Board Director, features a staff representative and may include a volunteer at large.

  • AUDIENCE EDUCATION  Lead Alan Bates – Valorie Ellis-Peet, Brenda M’Clellan, Joyce Kenoras
  • ENVIRONMENT  Lead Doug Hearn – Alan Bates, Ian McDiarmid
  • FINANCE  Lead Brenda M’Clellan – Brook Roberts
  • GOVERNANCE  Lead Valorie Ellis-Peet – Joyce Kenoras, Rob Marshall
  • INFRASTRUCTURE  Lead Ian McDiarmid – Doug Hearn, Bernd Hermanski, Alan Bates
  • HUMAN RESOURCES  Lead Kimm Magill-Hofmann – Steve Atkins, Alan Bates, Ian McDiarmid
  • SCHOLARSHIP  Lead Steve Atkins – Brenda M’Clellan
  • SPONSORSHIP  Lead Bernd Hermanski  – Rob Marshall
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING  Lead Steve Atkins – Kimm Magill-Hofmann, Doug Hearn
  • VOLUNTEER  Lead Elaine Holmes – Doug Hearn, Valorie Ellis-Peet
  • MERCHANDISE  Lead Rob Marshall – Joyce Kenoras

The next Salmon Arm Folk Music Society Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday, January 18, at 7 pm, 2023 at the Comfort Inn in the Sockeye Room  1090 22 St NE, Salmon Arm, BC.

Only active members of the Salmon Arm Folk Music Society were allowed to vote at the AGM. Memberships are not sold at the AGM. If you are interested to vote at the AGM you must buy a $16 membership before January 16, 2022

All candidates interested to be on the Board of Directors must be an active member of the society and are required to submit in writing their intention to be considered a nominee for the AGM election by January 8, 2022

The Board of Directors has four positions open to be filled. Elections will be held during the AGM. The SAFMS governance committee is encouraging nominees with the skills and experience in finance, legal, and sponsorship apply. 

Please submit nominee declarations and application directly via email to and All nominees must submit a biography and CV to be included in the election information pack to be on hand during the AGM.