Salmon Arm Folk Music Society presents the 30th Annual ROOTSandBLUES Festival August 18 -21, 2022


ROOTSandBLUES Festival camping is located directly across from the festival grounds for your convenience!

Booking Information

  1. Campsites are pre-assigned with no exchanges permitted
  2. You will receive your campground number and site number upon arrival or we will send you the information prior to August 1st 
  3. There is no need to line up early, your site is assigned by ROOTSandBLUES
  4. If you wish to camp with other campers, please arrange with info[@] before May 31st
  6. Campsites are limited to one camping unit per site and/or one travel vehicle. Campsites are limited to a maximum number of people depending on site size. Some exceptions may be made for families with more than two non-adult children (under the age of 16)


4 Day Camping

  1. Check-in 2pm Thursday, Aug 18th
  2. Check-out 9am Monday, Aug 22nd
  3. Site Options
    • 20 by 20 $125 – 4 people max
    • 20 by 40 $200 – 6 people max
    • 20 by 60 $250 – 8 people max

7 Day Camping 

  1. Check-in 2pm Monday, Aug 15th
  2. Check-out 9am Monday, Aug 22nd
  3. Site Options
    • 20 by 20 $200
    • 20 by 40 $300
    • 20 by 60 $400




We look forward to welcoming you back to the sights and sounds of the 30th ROOTSandBLUES Festival in beautiful Salmon Arm. We are committed to the health and safety of our musicians, attendees, volunteers, sponsors and stakeholders and this year is no exception.

Our focus is following all current government public health orders as well as employing practices that we confidently believe are in the best interests of all. We will continue to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

All policies are subject to change to comply with government health orders and the evolving nature of the pandemic.

For information on British Columbia’s current public health order, click here.

Proof of Vaccination 

In accordance with the BC Provincial Health Order, proof of vaccination for those ages 12+ is required. The BC Vaccine Card is required to attend ROOTSandBLUES. To get your card today click here.


Admission is subject to compliance with all BC Government and Interior Health and safety laws, facility rules and event regulations.

  • You are required to show proof of double vaccination (meeting the below requirements) at the ROOTSandBLUES entry gate(s). 
  • Proof of  double vaccination is required for each entry, as vaccine status is not tracked
  • Vaccine exemptions are not accepted
  • Negative COVID-19 test results are not accepted
  • For guests outside of the province, you must show the provincial/territorially officially recognized vaccination record and valid government photo ID
  • For international guests, you must show proof of vaccination used to enter Canada and valid passport or driver’s license. International guests can use the ArriveCan app as proof of vaccination
  • The name on both government issued photo ID and vaccination card need to match

Check-in Times

  • 4 day camping – 2:00 pm on Thursday, August 18th 
  • 7 day camping – 2:00 pm on Monday, August 15th
  • Check-ins will be closed at 9:00 pm to avoid late night traffic

Check-out Times

  • Check-out is no later than 12:00 pm on Monday, August 22nd

Check-in Procedure

  • Campers are assigned a campground number and site number prior to the festival – no exchanges permitted
  • Use campground number assigned to find check-in tent
  • At check-in show photo ID to receive:
    • dash tag for your vehicle
    • In accordance to BC Government and Interior Health regulations, each person, must have proof of double vaccination and must show valid government ID

Festival Tickets

  • Pick up at Main Gate (located on 5th Street) at will-call on Thursday after 9am or Friday at 9am
  • Due to the need to offload traffic from city streets as quickly and efficiently as possible, we cannot accommodate placement in any particular campground no matter how early you are in the campground line-up


  • A Festival Campgrounds Parking Pass will be issued upon request at time of registration to be displayed on your dash in the East Parking lot
  • No additional parking available in the campgrounds
  • Additional parking is available in paid parking sites or free in our East Parking lot located on the other side of the Festival

Additional Information

  • We do not allow the saving of sites for parties that are arriving later in the weekend
  • Each vehicle is required to present its own camping pass
  • There is a message board at the middle Entrance/Exit in Campground One, if you wish to leave your information about where and when your friends can connect with you
  • Please respect the parking rules/signs at all times
  • Everyone must keep campground driving lanes clear for emergency vehicle access. **Vehicles parked on campground driving lanes will be towed at owner’s expense 
  • Quiet hours 11:00 pm – 8:00 am
  • Please respect your neighbour and those around you to ensure an enjoyable experience for all
  • The ROOTSandBLUES Festival reserves the right to limit noise at anytime
  • On-site security available throughout the night at designated central sites
  • Please report offenders to security personnel
  • Use only designated entrance and exit ways and keep access to residence driveways clear
  • Use of generators is restricted to daytime use and only when vehicle owner is present
  • Please keep valuables locked in the trunk of vehicle
  • ROOTSandBLUES assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles
  • Please store all food and drinks in vehicle overnight and keep children under supervision as wildlife is present
  • Please respect the generosity and privacy of our landowners who have made this campsite available to us
  • Reminder to bring a flashlight for nighttime activities and entries into the site
  • Wasps can be plentiful at this time of year, there is After-Bite at the Campground 1 entrance/exit table or we recommend a little ice for those painful stings
  • The First Aid Station is on the Festival Site (refer to your program for its location)
  • People with extreme allergies to wasp bites should bring their prescribed antidote
  • August is fire season in BC, smokers are asked to use extreme caution when butting out
  • Containers are available at the exit gate if you would like to scoop up a little gravel for extinguishing your cigarettes
  • Fire extinguisher located at the Entrance/Exit gate for emergencies
  • There are no electrical or water hookups. Washstands and portable toilets are located at each campground. To avoid drainage problems, please refrain from washing food particles down the drain.
  • Waste, compost, refundables and recycling stations are on site for your convenience
  • Please leave your campsite clean upon departure