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Amanda Marshall

Canadian music royalty, Amanda Marshall was only six years old when she walked into a recording studio for the first time. Growing up in Toronto, a diverse, multicultural city, in a family that was itself diverse, Amanda was exposed to all kinds of music, regardless of genre. In our house, it was common to hear Barbra Streisand followed by the Rolling Stones. Motown played alongside AC/DC. Charles Aznavour and The Pointer Sisters lived next door to Carole King on the shelf. 


Cut to 1995, when her self-titled debut album, released on Epic/Sony, went on to become one of only eighteen albums in Canadian history to achieve Diamond status, and achieved Gold or Platinum status in fifteen countries. That album turned twenty-five in 2020, and like the parent of any successful twenty-something, I’m proud and more than a little amazed by the passage of time. The next two albums, Tuesday’s Child (1999) and Everybody’s Got A Story (2001), both multi-platinum, were no slouches, either. 

Heavy Lifting is Marshall’s first full-length studio album release in twenty-two years. Filled with songs that explore a variety of themes from ladies’-night-at-the-honky-tonks to straight-up riff-driven blues-pop, these new songs are a nod to the musical mentors who welcomed a teenaged belter to their party and gave her the mic.


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