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The thunderous 11-14 piece grammy nominated Brooklyn NY afrobeat collective touches down to headline the main stage on Saturday night.

For just over two decades Brooklyn-based musical collective Antibalas have been proudly waving the Afrobeat flag while simultaneously crafting a sound that showcases their amalgamation of Afrobeat, old school soul, funk and Ethiopian jazz. Hypnotic grooves keep the audience in a constant state of motion as the band never lets up.

It’s hard to believe that more than twenty years have passed since Antibalas’s humble beginning as a neighborhood dance / protest band in the block parties and underground parties. Over the past two decades they have evolved into what The Guardian called “one of the world’s finest Afrobeat bands” while enjoying equal renown for their cross-genre collaborations with legends of popular music. With a heavy balance of experience and new blood, the group leapt into 2020 with their new Daptone Records full-length Fu Chronicles which received a Grammy nomination for Best Global Music Album.

The magic of Antibalas is their ability to keep the level of energy at a high and never let the groove stop.


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