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DerRic Starlight

DerRic Starlight is a Comedian Puppeteer, Writer, Director and Pro Wrestling Promoter. Starlight has been performing with puppets all throughout his life. In Jr. High DerRic was writing and performing his own plays and producing his own Wrestling Shows filming everything with his Camcorder. At the age of 17 DerRic set foot on his way to stardom starring as an extra and one liner parts on the hit TV show “North of 60”. DerRic went to many schools, starting with Vancouver’s film and acting school.  Comedy training at “Starr Theater” in Scottsdale Arizona USA.  DerRic has also trained at “The Second City Toronto” Training Facility. At a young age DerRic has also been involved in promoting the famous Hart Family wrestling promotion in Calgary. For the past 25 years DerRic has been successful entertaining children and adults alike in nationwide live performances and film with his puppets. DerRic is now a published children’s book author in Alberta. Starlight is a Gemini award winner for his voice work on APTN’s Wapos Bay TV Series.  As a young child DerRic was teased and bullied for trying to follow his dream to work in television with The Muppets. In the year of 2021 DerRic Starlight’s lifelong dream came true, to train and perform for “The Jim Henson Company” in Hollywood California and he became a puppeteer on The NEW Fraggle Rock TV Series airing on Apple TV.



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