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Mama Mihirangi & the Mareikura

Of Ngati Rakei and Ngati Waikorara descent, raised touring on the road in a musical family and within the depths of her Maori culture and the magical forests and rivers and her Ngati Rereahu ancestors, Mihirangi is a proud advocate of her Indigenous culture and a strong advocate for the environment, indigenous rights, equality, and empowering women. A champion for Nature and promoter of the relationships, values and beliefs Indigenous people hold with their environments, she’s a mother, musician, traditional healer, artivist, mentor, women’s coach and producer.

The long reigning “Queen of Loops”, has inspired audiences across the globe, and is celebrated for introducing her country to the art of live-looping, Mama Mihirangi & the Mareikura are a powerful and fierce all-female Maori world-roots weaving ancient chants with intricate harmonies, traditional & contemporary instruments, beats & deep bass, all being innately familiar but all of it incredibly unique. The Mareikura are her traditional female dancers who present the virtues of feminine power and inspiring cultural identity with the Women’s haka, traditional weaponry and Maori martial arts combined into a contemporary cultural performance that is informative, inclusive and truly inspiring.

A musical journey of the soul that travels back through the ancient lines and melodies of lineages that connect us all.


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