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Montreal-based Japanese psych-rock group features traditional Japanese instruments, flute and trombone alongside raging guitars and a pulsing rhythm section, TEKE::TEKE creates a sound reminiscent of 1960’s and 70’s era psychedelic Japanese soundtracks, with a frenetic, modern twist.


Splitting reality between past and present, complex melodies and hushed interludes, intense action and lingering response. After building their sound through the careful assembly of countless splinters of Japanese folk, psychedelia, Brazilian surf rock, and other far-flung touchstones, the seven-piece indulged in and learned from stretching out in free-floating experimentation, embracing the power of mythic pairings and identities lived at once. 


Serge Nakauch Pelletier (guitar), Hidetaka Yoneyama (guitar), Mishka Stein (bass), Ian Lettre (drums), Yuki Isami (flute), Etienne Lebel (trombone) and visual artist and vocalist Maya Kuroki.


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