Felix Zenger


Workshop Barn Stage – Sat 1:15 pm     
Workshop Barn Stage – Sun 1:30 pm    
Workshop Focus Stage – Sun 4:15 pm

Finnish beatbox artist Felix Zenger has made a show-stopping entry into the scene during the past couple of years. Praised by the likes of Pharrell Williams, rubbing shoulders with such talent as Kid Koala, Bahamadia and Blu, Zenger is also a YouTube hit thanks to his remarkable performance clips, with the most popular one amassing over 30 million plays. On his debut album “Won’t Say A Thing”, Zenger goes way beyond the common conceptions of the beatbox as an art form.

What makes Felix Zenger an artist to keep your eye on is not just his extraordinary skill level, but his ability to put that talent into good use when aiming for his musical goal. As his debut album goes to show, what rules here is a fresh musical vision, with instrumental virtuosity added as a spice.