Jacky Essombe

Cameroon / BC

Workshop Family Stage – Sat 2:30 pm

Dance Instruction – Roots n Rhythms Dance Stage – Sat 4:15pm

Dance Instructions – Roots & Rhythms Dance Stage – Sun 12:15pm

Workshop Family Stage – Sun 2:30 pm

Originally from Cameroon, Jacky Essombe grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver. She has toured in Canada, the United States and Europe with major recording artists and has appeared on television and radio in Canada and France. From 2006 to 2007 she was the host of a weekly television show on the French CBC TV channel called “A la Carte”.

A true cultural liaison and an enthusiastic ambassador for the African culture, Jacky’s passion for her culture inspired her to become a professional dancer, dance teacher, storyteller, trainer and speaker and a TV and radio show host. She uses dance as a medium to express life to its fullest and also as a journey to a higher level of consciousness.

As a dance instructor and workshop presenter, she gives more than just a dance lesson; she offers the experience of openness to the self through movement and body awareness, and a true cultural experience. Over the last eight years, Jacky has been presenting the African Healing Dance Workshop for Women throughout BC, as well as helping people with all body shapes and fitness experience reach their fitness goals with her increasingly popular Afro’Robics and Soukouss classes.

She loves to share the traditions, history and culture of Africa, and the wisdom of her ancestors, and she truly believes that the Western world can benefit from the ancient wisdom of indigeneous people.

Her message is simple: You belongThis is our culture!