Secwepemc Stories

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Stspetkwll or Secwepemc Legends that Teach are a part of the oral history that has been passed down for thousands of years. The Legends that Teach teaches two primary lessons; one being how the world came to be or creation stories. The second being how not to behave.


Coyote and The Salmon

This story looks at how Coyote brings the Salmon to the Secwpemc area. He teaches man how to fish, how to prepare and eat Salmon. The last area he brought the salmon to was our very own Salmon River.

The Story Of Chickadee

The story of chickadee is a story of two half human half trout children who seek out their grandmother or Kye7e. They go through an adventure with her that ends up with one of them being turned into the chickadee bird that we can hear in nature singing her song.

The Story Of Crow

Crow and all of the birds attempt to fly to the sun to get fire for us humans. This story also tells of why Crow looks the way it does and why no one will ever eat crow.

We respectfully acknowledge and recognize that the work of the SAFMS takes place on the unceded traditional territory of the Secwepemc Peoples.