Son de Madera

Son de Madera: Traditional music from the heart of Mexico, Son de Madera represent a sound that has not been common place at the ROOTSandBLUES Festival.

Son de Madera is a son jarocho band based in Veracruz, Mexico. Founded in 1992, its core members are Ramón Gutiérrez Hernández, Tereso Vega, and Rubí Oseguera Rueda.

Gutiérrez, based in Veracruz, leads the group, plays the guitarra de son, and sings. José Tereso Vega Hernández plays the jarana, harmonica and sings. Rubí Oseguera, is widely admired among jaranero revivalists as a model of traditional jarocho dance style; her footwork adds a percussive cadence to some of the band’s performances. Los Angeles-based Mexican American Juan Pérez plays electric bass.

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