The Garifuna Collective

The Garifuna Collective promises to carry the torch of cultural innovation and promotion passed on by Andy Palacio far into the future and expands on the story of this fascinating community, which is struggling to retain its unique language, music, and traditions in the face of globalization.

The band consists of the best musicians in the fertile Garifuna music scene. They bring together the deep cultural roots of Garifuna music, mixed with modern grooves, arrangements, and instruments. Unique hand drums, the “primera” and “segunda”, turtle shells and jawbones, guitars and bass. The musicians create a powerful energy on stage, building hypnotizing rhythms that form the backbone for the haunting melodies and powerful vocals that characterize the project.

The lead singers of the current incarnation of the group reflect an intergenerational approach, women with striking voices and engaging personalities, whose songs echoed with the joys and sorrows they had experienced during their lives.

Stonetree founder Ivan Duran says, “Since Wátina came out, there isn’t any more fear that Garifuna music is going to die out. Andy’s biggest legacy is just showing the way, proving that the world is interested in this culture’s music. It helped children in small villages to understand that their culture is just as important as anybody else’s. That sense of self-pride is a potent message that continues to echo across Belize and inspire new musicians to keep their traditions thriving.” The Garifuna Collective carries on that mission and reveals that the well of Garifuna musical talent is deep and continues to be refreshed by new generations.

What They Are Saying

“The complex rhythms demand attention and quickly resolve themselves into a completely irresistible groove. When the melodies kick in on top of them, the lushness is overwhelming.”
— The Wall Street Journal

“This troupe of extraordinary singers has fashioned a unique and wonderful world; once you enter, you will never want to leave. ”
— Charlie Gillett, The Guardian (UK)

“The meeting point where ancient meets modern, where acoustic slips effortlessly into and out of electric, this music stretches forward, defying the listener to pin it down. And yet far from being disturbing, it is endlessly satisfying and soothing. Whatever people mean about music being universal, surely that is the perfect demonstration of their argument.”
— The Observer (UK)

“Full of surging seaside rhythms and yearning, soulful melodies that hang in the memory,”
— BBC Music

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