The Souljazz Orchestra


Fri Aug 15, 10:20 PM TD Main Stage

Sat Aug 16, 1:30 PM Boogie Bar-N Workshop ‘Coast to Coast…’ (Zakari Frantz)

Sat Aug 16, 2:50 PM Boogie Bar-N


Canada’s hardest-working combo, the Souljazz Orchestra, have been perfecting their signature sound for over a dozen years now: a percussive explosion of Soul, Jazz, Afro, Latin and Caribbean rhythms, driven by majestic horn-drenched melodies, all backed by an arsenal of overheated primitive keyboards.

The multicultural collective returns with another essential musical odyssey in February 2014 as they release their brand new studio album, Inner Fire, once again on UK-based Strut Records. Recorded using the Orchestra’s signature analogue techniques, the new set continues their expansive stylistic journey as they effortlessly fuse intricate Eastern influences, Afro beats, Latin styles and Spiritual Jazz elements into a unique melting pot, creating a fiery soundscape, both far-reaching and highly rhythmic, designed to simultaneously elevate the body, the mind and the spirit.

Now celebrating their 12th year, the Souljazz Orchestra continue their impressive run of memorable albums. Breaking through on Toronto label Do Right!, Freedom No Go Die (2006, featuring the single ‘Mista President’) and Manifesto (2008) set the bar high. Rising Sun (2010) and Solidarity (2012), their first two albums with Strut Records, were subsequently recognised as landmarks within their respective genres, and both went on to be nominated for Juno Awards in Canada. Meanwhile, as a live unit, years of relentless touring have formed the Ottawa-based combo into an in-demand fixture at venues and festivals worldwide.