The Bright Light Social Hour – The Men, The Music & The Mustache…

American rockers, The Bright Light Social Hour first gained attention in Austin for their incendiary live performances & innovative vision of rock and roll. Melding southern rock, hard dance, psychedelic blues and deep soul, their debut full-length album has led to heightening critical acclaim, national touring and a rare sweep of six awards at the SXSW 2011 Austin Music Awards, including Band of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year.

Born out of a university art-rock collective, Jack O’Brien (bass), Curtis Roush (guitar), A.J. Vincent (keys), Joseph Mirasole (drums) funded their self-titled debut album entirely independently. Jack’s Moustache was set up by the band & offered TBLSH fans a chance to buy personalized love songs & videos, private meals cooked & served by the band, spanish lessons, homemade cookies, full house/apartment cleaning, canoe rides & car washes by the band (in jean cut offs, no less!!) Sounds amazing right? Well the album is too…


Serving up a sizzling combination of rock ‘n roll musicianship, the R&B infused album was an incredible success – boasting solid song-writing, inspirational harmonies and just the right amount of sexy, gritty, southern psychedelica. Producer Danny Reisch utilized the best elements of vintage and modern recording to achieve a sound both forward-looking and evocative of 1970s hi-fi.  

The first track, “Shanty,” pairs southern rock with hard disco, featuring the searing slide licks of guitarist Curtis Roush.  Following the lean, exuberant stomp of “Bare Hands Bare Feet,” the band settles into the dark psychedelic funk of “La Piedra De La Iguana,” led by keyboardist A.J. Vincent’s dusky vocal and Farfisa organ work.  

Throughout the middle of the record, the solemn rhythm and blues of “Detroit” is juxtaposed with “Back And Forth,” a four-on-the-floor disco-funk romp.



On “Garden Of The Gods,” the album’s penultimate 10-minute epic, the band evolves from stately ballroom Americana to an expansive, ensemble anthem, conjuring up their limber and unrelenting live sets.  The fiery “Rhubarb Jam” closes out the record with the agile, booming funk of bassist Jack O’Brien and drummer Joseph Mirasole.

Following their album release, The Bright Light Social Hour has embarked on a heavy touring rotation, playing over two hundred shows throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Latest news on the touring scene features the band at the Tortuga Music Festival & Lollapalooza. Chronicling their adventures, the band has released a series of self-produced tour documentaries depicting life on the road.