Treble Spot Jams



Sat Aug 16, 11:00 AM Roving

Sat Aug 16, 12:45 PM Roving

Sun Aug 17, 11:00 AM Roving

Sun Aug 17, 12:45 PM Roving


‘Treble’ is one of the many zany characters from performer and music therapist Roxy Roth’s Clown Clan.  This character is inspired by the creativity of students in her music studio and music therapy practice.  It is these student souls who challenge her to experiment and explore the possibilities…beyond the typical methods of music learning and experiences.  Roxy reckons that tying technology and music together, in our fast-paced high tech society, might just be a key to re-igniting the community music traditions of our ancestors, traditions which nourished the community and the individual’s well-being, a time when EVERYBODY played for the joy of it, and the process, not just the performance, was valued.  Roxy Believes this is a tradition we desperately need to become reacquainted with for the well-being of our society.

Her character Treble is always getting into trouble with technology and tunes in tow…Colourful sights and colourful sounds created on the spot put the ‘I’ back into YOUR iTunes.