Volunteer Application Form – Adult

Thank you for volunteering last year and we hope you are planning to return again this year! A few things to know before you begin… ROOTSandBLUES is working with our volunteer management software, Zone Festival, to create a short, returning volunteer application. However, due to unforeseen delays it will not be ready for this year. Due to the information the ROOTSandBLUES volunteer department requires each year, all volunteers will have to fill out a new form and attach a new photo. We do know how important a simplified returning volunteer process is for many of you. Please know we have heard you and we are doing our best at this time. We hope for understanding and patience. Please see the link to the volunteer application below. The application has been simplified compared to last year and please email volunteer@rootsandblues.ca if you have any questions or require assistance.

Volunteer Application | Click Here – Everyone must choose the option to “begin a new form”

Items needed to complete your application

1. Photo (used to make festival ID)
   • Must be a head shot of ONLY yourself
   • Please ensure the photo is recent
   • Must be in focus
   • Must be a JPG
   • File name must be YOUR NAME

IhanaimagesNaomiChan 9 200x300Example Head Shot

2. Copy of Certificates
   • Please attach your Serving It Right Certificate for crews:
      – Backstage Lounge
      – Barn Pub
      – Beer Gardens
      – Volunteer Party
      – Wine Lounge

   • Please attach First Aid Certification for crews:
      – First Aid

   • Please attach your Food Safe Certificate for crews:
      – Volunteer Lounge
      – Volunteer Kiosk (Not Required)

Everyone using this link must choose the option “begin a new form”
ROOTSandBLUES Volunteer Application | click here

This link will redirect you to Zone Festival, our volunteer management software